About the University of Missouri-Kansas City

The University of Missouri-Kansas City is where excellence meets innovation. At UMKC, our 16,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students don’t just push boundaries; they break them. Leading cutting-edge research in state-of-the-art facilities, our faculty aren’t just educators — they’re trailblazers shaping tomorrow’s landscape. Our graduates aren’t just prepared for the future — they’re molding it.

At UMKC, you’ll see that we’re not satisfied existing in the status quo — we’re transforming tomorrow, today.

What is Engagement?

UMKC is an integral part of the greater Kansas City region. We are the largest, fully-accredited university and Kansas City’s only public research institution. But our reach goes far beyond the classroom or laboratory. Engagement is, at its heart, the mutually beneficial relationships built between the university and our many constituents.

From our founding, UMKC has been of, by and for the Community. Working together and leveraging our collective strengths, we’ve supported our students and championed critical issues in the neighborhoods we call home. For us, engagement is a true mutual exchange, in which all participants are teachers, learners, contributors and benefciaries; a two-way exchange in which UMKC reaches out to the community, and the community reaches back to us.

We invite you to get involved with Kansas City’s university!

About Community Connect

UM System Community Connect sites tell the stories of partnerships with communities across the state and highlight ways to get involved.

In 2020, the UM System and each of its four universities launched their Community Connect platforms – tools designed to improve opportunities for communication and connection between the universities and various populations in the communities they serve.

Each Community Connect site features stories of community engagement, upcoming events, resources, services and campus contacts to support and facilitate community conversations. Each site also includes an Impact Report – key data about the impact the universities are making in their communities. At the UM System level, users can sort data by county or legislative district to see the programs, opportunities and impact data in targeted area in the report.

Users can also see how the UMKC campus is impacting our community, by looking at our campus-specific Impact Report. If you have questions about the UMKC Community Connect site, please contact our Engagement Leaders.